Having It All

You can have it all! You can spend time with your family and get your workout in! Who would have thought! Do this circuit straight through without any rest, moving from exercise to exercise. Do 10-20 repetitions and repeat the whole circuit as many times as you can! Play with your kids too while you are at it! We rode our bikes to and from the park as well so we clocked in an extra 6.2 miles for our cardio!

The Boy Who Always Poops

This is my life on a daily! My three year old son, after being asked numerous times starting with an hour before we have to leave somewhere, until about ten minutes before we have to leave, if he has to poop. He always responds with no…UNTIL we are walking out the door. YUP it happens every single time. And today as we are running late to gymnastics, he has blocked the door and I cannot get it! LOL awesomeness!

Take the Day Off!

So today is one of those days where you just want to like run for the hills screaming, or have an adult tantrum. It started with my daughter crying before we even had the chance to start school! Like what the hell is going on? I so wanted one of the last glazed doughnuts we had from Rileys (only the most amazing donut shops here in TEXAS)! But no… I let my littles have it of course, and what do I get in return? Let me tell you what I get. Two kids crying and then being pissy is what I get!
Like I said starting with my daughter, she starts crying as I bring her English textbook out…umm okay. “Madison why are you crying honey?” Her response is uncontrollable sobbing about her worrying if she gets something wrong. Okay, this is why we do school, to learn. So I have to reassure her. When I am done with that I move onto my three year old who was supposed to be tracing letters, but instead has scribbled over them so they are no longer legible. Thinking he is funny, I tell him he is just going to have to do them over and over if he can’t do it right. This leads into slamming doors and a ¬†monologue to himself about how much he doesn’t like me or his alphabet.
So I sit on the couch with my cup of cold coffee that I have re-heated for the third time and have given up and drink it anyway. I then break out into uncontrollable laughter, you know the kind I am talking about, it is where you don’t want to cry so you just laugh….usually it does turn into that crying that you pray no one can see because it’s your ugly cry, like your face contorts like you are in need of an exorcism, and your just doing these loud ugly sobs. Yeah no thanks, I am just going to laugh for now.
So I can only hope it gets better, my son calms because hey, in the end he is a Mamas boy and he can never stay mad at me long (ha or is it that I can never stay mad at him long? The order doesn’t matter). But my beautiful little girl is now upset about her cursive and locked herself in the bathroom for what seemed like an hour, I slipped on ice on the floor and almost busted my ass, but I caught myself by my elbow on the counter and spilt my cold coffee, I will have a bruise, but lets be thankful for the cold coffee for once eh!
After cleaning my spilt coffee and trying to clean dishes that were left in the sink with food remnants still in them, I give up. Today is already just peachy and I am going to take my 5 minutes in my bathroom alone…okay, okay 5 minutes is a lie, 2 minutes lol I will take my 2 minutes. Scream as loud as I can into my pillow, hide for the other minute and thirty seconds in my little spot and then start over! Cheers! Let’s hope this day of tears, slamming doors, spilling coffee, and falling ends here and now! So far, it looks as if everyones 2 minutes was greatly needed and used.

Fight the Cold

With fall here and winter approaching, the changes in the season always bring on sniffles and colds. This morning we all woke to stuffy noses. SniffeEase and R.C essential oils are my saving grace! They work so well and everyone feels better by the next day. I combine the two in my diffuser and then rub some on the bottom of feet, on the chest, and just a dab under the nose of everyone and the start to feel it working minutes later! You can get these oils here:

Finding Tranquility

So today I have a busy day! I have a soccer game for my little man, and straight from there I have a gymnastics meet. Both places will be hot and miserable, but I also cannot express the joy I get from watching either of my children truly excel at what they love. Though it is fall, it is still in the upper 90’s here in good ‘ol Texas, and yesterday we hit the triple digits, so watching soccer in the stagnant heat is no bueno. After that (and after I change my shirt in the car and help Madison put her leo on in the car) we will head to her gymnastics competition. There I will send her inside but have to wait in a line outside yet again in the heat, and then the hundreds of people that are also there and I will be herded into the building like cattle where we will all be fighting over seats like people fight over toys on Black Friday. Doesn’t this sound like a grand old time!?!
Knowing that I am going to want to down a bottle…okay 3 bottles of wine later, I am going to do my best to get my mind in the best place possible before I start. As I am writing you I am stretching (ahhh the gift of multi-tasking). After I continue my stretching and get ready for the day, I will take a minute of two to meditate. Yes I said meditate, and you only need one minute to feel the peace within you. If your life looks anything like mine, you are probably thinking “funny, how the hell can I get a minute to myself with kids running around screaming?” and you can! It is called selective hearing, I use it all the time, and it is a gift I picked up from my husband whom is the master of it! I simply drown all the chaos out, sit or stand completely still and close my eyes. If my kids come to nag I just pretend they are not there, same with the hubs. I take a big deep breath, hold for a second and then exhale. I do this a few times and I feel amazing. Sometimes I say a mantra in my head as I am breathing like (I will get through the day over and over or I will not strangle my husband today while he is chewing with his mouth open!), any mantra will work, or you can just sit with your mind free and breath. It may not seem like a lot but it will start your day off better than not taking the one minute to yourself!
Take five minutes to yourself to stretch and meditate, you can even do them at the same time if you have to. Just do it! Find your inner peace and have an awesome day! As the Dalai Lama said “We can never obtain peace in the outer world, until we make peace with ourselves.”

Push and Conquer

Today goes out to my beautiful baby girl. She is the optimum example of what it looks like to really push yourself to go after what you want to achieve and conquer it. Not just conquer your goal, but any fear or doubt you had in trying to reach that goal. She is only eight years old, but she has the drive and tenacity of an older human. She works her butt off to get to where she wants, and it doesn’t just stop at the gym. When she is home she is constantly working hard on things she needs to do better in. It really is amazing to me, to watch her, to see how much effort and work she puts in her gymnastics. The only time she really isn’t doing gymnastics or working out, stretching…something that will help her improve, is when she is sleeping. Even when she is in the shower I will hear her going over her routine.
Take this type of work ethic and run with it. Today I want you to really push yourself. Drive yourself to the edge where you think you will break and push harder. Because you can do it! You can conquer the fear that holds you back, the fear that stops you into going farther than your mind tells you that you can. Get on a row machine and row for an hour straight! No stopping, do 2 minutes as fast as you can and 2 minute rest over and over until you hit the 60 minute mark. If you don’t have access to a rower, bike, swim, or run. Whatever type of cardio you choose, just push yourself to the brink of insanity, and when you pass that threshold you will feel so alive and amazing, and proud because you pushed and you conquered! Believe in yourself because YOU are the only person that can hold you back.

Soft Lips

With the season of dry lips around the corner, I thought I would share my fave chapstick recipe to give you soft sultry lips! You will need a chapstick tube (I get mine on Amazon), an old chapstick tube will work great too or you can use a little container.

  • 1 tsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp Beeswax
  • 2 tsp Shea Butter
  • 3 drops of Lavender EO
  • 3 drops of Peppermint EO

Melt the first three ingredients in a double boiler (I just put a glass bowl on top of a boiling pot). When the mixture has SLIGHTLY cooled, add the essential oils and pour into tubes. Enjoy having silky smooth puckers!

Listen to the Tea!

I was making myself a cup of Yogi tea before I got to writing to you beauties, and low and behold the quote is just a perfect follow up from yesterdays blog. “Be proud of who you are”. And why shouldn’t you be? We all have things about ourselves that we wish were different, some things we do have the ability to change, others maybe not so much. Instead of focusing on the negative, lets be positive. Let us truly be proud of the persons that we are! All of us have faced through happy times, challenging hardships, sorrow…sometimes things we never imagined we would be able to make it through; never believing that there was light on the other side, but yet we did. Everything we have been through in our lives, has shaped us to be who we are today and we should be damned proud of it!
I used to hate my little butt chin as I call it, it is really not all that noticeable but it was so noticeable to me…couldn’t stand it! Until one day, this woman at a modeling agency looked at me and the first thing she said was that she loved my chin….what? She said it was unique and made me stand out. So I took the compliment (which at times for some reason is so hard for us to do! Why is it so hard to take compliments?) and I started telling myself that I am indeed unique, there is no one else like me and I was going to try my best to start loving myself. No more wishing my pin straight hair was curly, that my 4’11 frame was taller, the fact that I wore braces for half my life and I still had an over bite. After having two kids and nursing them, what my body looked like…NOPE! I started to love me for me, and be proud of whom I had been shaped to be through all of my experiences.
So today when you look into the mirror and firmly say your mantra of keeping goals, look at yourself, really look at yourself and say “Hey me! I am proud of you!” Say it until you start to believe it, then start your day and go kick some ass! There is so much wrong with our world today, whenever someone gets a chance to put another person down, they take that chance without a halter. We don’t need to put ourselves down too. Lets break the ripple, and start with us. You are a beautiful person, and I am proud of you!