Avocado Soup

I was starting to feel a little under the weather but wanted something wholesome and yummy, and also quick! So I made some avocado soup! This recipe is super simple. I had two avocados which was enough for me. I put them in my food processor along with garlic, red onion, white pepper, a smidge of Himalayan sea salt, some juice from a lime and some organic milk (feel free to use cream here, I didn’t have any so I did milk). The key is to make this soup your own, I don’t measure when making this soup. I simply eyeball and taste to my liking and add enough milk or cream to the desired consistency. If you prefer a thicker soup add less milk or cream and of course more for a thinner soup. After all ingredients were blended I poured mixture into a pot and heated. Viola! Simple right! Today I added hot sauce on top and then I smushed up some  blue tortilla chips and added them in as well. Sometimes when I make this soup I add cheese and plain yogurt to give it a little pizazz. My husband is a strict “you have to have meat in every dish” so I will put shredded chicken or pork when I make it for him =) the ingredient list can be endless with this delicious soup as a base! Let me know what you did to make your soup your own! Enjoy!!!!

Living the Life of a Tree

Picture this, your laying on your left side and laying on the upper half of your arm. Your holding your sons hand, your butt and legs are hanging off his toddler sized mattress on the floor because he insists on sleeping in his sisters room. Your right hand is fully extended over head, I’m talking elbow to ear here! And it’s holding your daughters hand. Your head is looking up, causing the worst discomfort ever because otherwise your snorting your sons full head of hair. Your nose itches, you have to pee, and your cold but you can’t move, because every time you so much as twitch one of your kids freak out and think your leaving them. So I wait because they are on the edge of dreamland….not much longer. And then I wake, about 2 in the morning a few hours later, I feel as stiff as an oak tree, I’m disoriented, and I’m probably not going to be able to move my head at all in any direction today. Thank god for peripheral vision right! I literally feel like I have been hit by a semi, or perhaps I drank way too much and just spent the night running into walls. My head is killing, and we are still making it through the school day! My house is a mess, my yard needs to be done, & need to prepare dinner, bathe my kids, as well as myself and my three dogs, and I don’t even want to move!!! LOL where is my genie!!??!! Below is what I was working with!

Vacay Recharge

Hello beautiful people! I have missed you all. My family and I went on an awesome vacation to see our family in Florida. We went to all the Disney parks and Universal! Talk about being exhausted! Thanks to my family for making this vacation possible! The kids got to meet characters and ride lots of rides and even did Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, which I so recommend doing! We did the food and wine festival at Epcot which was my favorite part of the trip! Getting to taste different food, wine, and beer from different countries is amazing! I always realized while we were in France that my daughter is a way more picky eater than I realized when they didn’t understand what a grilled cheese was! LOL they literally looked at me like I was crazy, and then I had to explain what a grilled cheese was and how to make one!

     Although the vacation was fun and we got to see family, it was exhausting! I don’t think I got more than 4 hours of sleep a night!!! I am in dire need of a vacation from my vacation lol. Isn’t that how it always seems to work! I need a magic wand or perhaps a wiggle of my nose to clean my house and put away all the stuff that’s still sitting in my hallway. I feel like I’m never going to catch up! But I’m back and ready to rock and roll!

When your husband and sends you to Home Depot to get some plumbing because you have a huge water leak at your meter!  You’re sitting there looking at millions of boxes for a female adapter but they all look the same! And not to mention a lot of them are up super high and your only 4’11. He’s brave for fixing this on his own but he is even more brave for letting me come out and get the part he’s missing. Not only are you worried about this and getting it fixed, you are  also worried for the fact you had to fill up millions of jugs of water not only to drink but to wash your hands and to flush the toilet since we will be out of water for the next 4+ hours, but also staring at the sink full of dishes especially the ones with the oatmeal left over from this morning (so hard to scrub stuck on oatmeal)! Then for the fact you were supposed to do laundry and clean the house today since your going out of town in two days! Lol all I can do is drink wine and laugh! Lord help me now.


Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst; a spark that creates extraordinary thoughts.
Choose the outcome that is going to be positive, rewarding, and dignifying. Reap the benefits of pushing through and conquering, succeeding and rising above what you thought couldn’t be done. When you smile at someone they smile back, such a tiny gesture, a common greeting, but it gives so much more than the tiny effort it took. It can make a landslide of a difference to someone that is having a hard day, and in that moment, change the outcome of what they decided for the rest of the day. It has that domino effect on how they thought there day was going to go.
Today I woke up with a plaguing migraine. I honestly would have stayed in bed all day if I didn’t have kids. I got the day prepared, already deciding I was skipping my quick workout and not getting out of my pajamas until I had to. And then I got a pleasant text from a friend, and in that moment that spark…that spark created the endorphins in my body to rise and my attitude immediately shifted; I was going to get through the day, and not be down, I rubbed some oils on my head, changed and did my workout. I felt worlds better. Not just because I did what I said I wouldn’t, but because the simple gesture of kindness that my friend awarded me, shifted my mood. Altering me in a way that I had to fight for what I know would really make my day a better outcome all together.
I don’t workout to be skinny, I don’t workout because I care what people think about me, I workout for me! So I can feel strong, so I can feel empowered, so I can be healthy, so I can keep up with my kids, so that my mood improves, so that I show myself that I can conquer what I sometimes think I cannot. And it all starts with a positive attitude. Negativity doesn’t reap any rewards. That is not to say that there are never any hurdles, or backwards steps…negative moments in life. But it’s what you do in that moment in time, how you react and adapt to it. How you choose to overcome it. BE STRONG(physically but most importantly mentally) and rise above it.