Taco Tuesday

It’s taco Tuesday and man do I love tacos! I literally could eat them everyday and not get tired of them. But I do try my best to make them as healthy as I can, without making them skimp on that taste of yummy tacos. So I use lettuce instead of a tortilla, or sometimes I use ezekiel wraps, I have also made cauliflower wraps. I will also always substitute sour cream with greek yogurt, sometimes I switch my cheese for Go Veggie Cheese, and I switch my protein up. My go to protein is lean ground turkey, because its fast and affordable, but I also like extra lean beef or lamb, beans and lentils, or even eggs and maybe add steak or sausage to it with some salsa. Either way, I never feel like I am eating something “healthy”, they are always so good and I am not feeling like I am missing out.

Egg Muffins

These are super easy and super yummy…also super customizable. Whisk eggs together with spinach, a protein (turkey or sausage is really good, so is ham), peppers, onions, tomatoes, and add a pinch salt and pepper, some garlic if you like (I love garlic) or you could season with Mrs. Dash. Coat a muffin pan with olive or coconut oil, put egg mixture in muffin pan (add cheese if you would like, I like to put Go Veggie cheese, because it has a good amount of protein) and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Pop them out and enjoy. I like to keep them in the fridge for on the go snacks or breakfast for crazy mornings.

Fuzzy Bands

So my bestie makes the best headbands ever and I had to share! These headbands are not only cute for dressing up, casual wear, or keeping stubborn flyaways out of your face, but they stay put too! Yes you read that right! I have swam in the pool and the beach, played volleyball, did an obstacle race, I wear them at the gym all the time, and my daughter does gymnastics in hers and never have they ever fallen off! She makes different styles, thick or thinner ones and they come in a never ending array of designs and colors! Some have bows and others even have a little flap for you to put the clip in bow of your choice if you want. Between my daughter and I we have over 100! LOL Head over to her Facebook page Fuzzy Bands and check them out!





Best Dip Ever!

Okay so here is my guilty pleasure…this dip! It is beyond amazing! It is always the first thing to go in my house or when I have people over, and let me tell you it does not last long! So be warned! My Nana gave me this recipe over 8 years ago when I was having pregnancy cravings, and it is super easy to make. You will need:
Jimmy Dean Sausage- they come in different flavors, I like to use Hot.
Cream Cheese
A can of Rotel
First you need to brown the sausage.


Once your sausage is browned, add in your cream cheese.
Let the cream cheese melt and make sure you are mixing well. Then you add the rotel.
Now just enjoy! This dip is so good you will want to lick the bowl! For a healthier version swap the sausage out with lean ground turkey, and the cream cheese for either greek yogurt cream cheese, or just plain greek yogurt.

Abdominal Crush

For this ab routine, do 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps with 30-60 seconds of rest in between each set and each move. Make sure your core is engaged the whole time, and don’t forget to breath!

Move 1 Leg Raise: Lay on your back legs straight, lift your legs straight up then slowly lower toward the floor but not letting your feet hit the floor. Hold for 2-3 seconds and repeat.

Move 2 V-Ups: Lay on your back legs straight and arms straight over head. Using your abs, pull yourself up bringing your arms and legs up at the same time, hold for 2-3 seconds and lower back to start.
Move 3 Sprinter: Starting on your back legs and arms straight, use your core to lift yourself up, bring your left leg up to a bend, left arm bent but down to the side, right arm up and bent meeting your left knee and your right leg straight (like you are sprinting). Hold for 2-3 then return back to start and repeat on opposite side. That is one rep.
Move 4 Starfish: Start by lying on your side arm straight and supporting your body, legs stacked upon one another (you may bend your bottom leg for further support and to modify if needed). Keeping your hips hovering above the floor, push your body up as far as you can and bring your top leg and arm up in the air like a starfish. Hold for 2-3 then lower back down, making sure you are not touching the floor (unless you are in the modified position, your leg will be touching the floor). Do all reps on one side and the repeat on the other.
Move 5 Alternating V-Ups: Just like the regular V-Ups, start on your back laying straight, arms above you, engage core to pull yourself up, this time just one leg up to the V while the other leg is straight out and hovering from the ground, go back to start and do the opposite leg. That is on rep.
Move 6 Down-Down Up-Up Plank: In high plank position (push-up position), core engaged throughout, go down to one forearm, then the other, hold for 5 seconds then go up on one hand and then the other. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat.
Move 7 Twists: Sitting on your tailbone, legs up at a 90 degree angle, start in the middle and twist your torso to the right, back to middle and then to your left, back to the middle. Thats one rep, repeat. Do not allow your legs or your back to drop, maintain a tight core.
Move 8 Boat: Lay flat on the floor arms and legs straight, using your core come up into a hollowed position like the one above. Hold it there for 10 seconds and return to start.
Move 9 Plank Swimmers: Starting in high plank hold yourself up for 3-5 seconds and then put your right arm straight out in front of you while putting your left leg out straight behind you. Hold for 3 and then return to start. Repeat on the opposite side, thats one rep.
Move 10 Spider Crunch: In high plank position, bring your right leg up your side as far as you can to your right elbow (or past) and crunch your oblique holding for 3 seconds, repeat on the other side, that is one rep. Be sure that you are not dropping your bottom and arching your back as you are going through the reps.
Move 11 Supermans: Laying on your stomach with your arms and legs slightly raised off the floor, hold for 3-5 seconds and then lift off the floor as high as you can. Hold for another 3-5 seconds and then return to start (not touching the floor).
Move 12 Army Crawler: Laying on your stomach, using only your arms, drag yourself across the floor. Your forearms are the only things pulling your body, don’t move your legs. This sounds completely silly and I am not going to lie, it looks just as silly, but it is one of the best moves! You will feel it in your obliques really good!
No pat yourself on the back and stretch out that stomach! Lay on your belly and lift your upper body up with your arms, stretch there as long as you can and then push yourself back into child’s pose. Job well done!

Sleepy Time Tea

I have been having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep lately. Usually I use my lavender essential oil, but I am out and I have to order some more. So for the time being I was searching for something natural. Usually milk and a banana will help, but I cannot be doing that every night! When I was at the store picking up my earl grey, I saw this tea. I figured why not? Let me tell you, this tea is doing miracles for me! Soon after I drink it, I get sleepy, and I have been sleeping the whole night (unless a little comes into my room). The hint of vanilla is perfect, the tea is smooth and delicious. It comes in other flavors but the vanilla was calling me. I highly recommend for any night owls out there!

Chicken Tenders

My air fryer has been a new hit in my house. Last night I whipped up some home made chicken tenders, and I am hoping they will now be replacing the frozen ones =) Here is how I did it.
Cut up chicken breasts and get three bowls (or I used Two, one gallon freezer bags and one bowl), place 3 eggs whisked with about 1/2 c of milk in one, and then flour and your choice of bread crumbs in the other two ( I used panko). Dip the chicken in the flour, then egg mix, then in the breading. Place in air fryer (or oven) at 390 degrees and cook for 20 minutes.



Keeping Chemicals Out

I devote a lot of my life to staying healthy. I do my best to make sure I am doing some kind of physical activity everyday, weather it be jumping on the trampoline with my kids, riding bikes, walking the dogs as a family, playing tag, or just hitting the gym. Whatever it is that I do, I do my best to be a good example to my littles, and to make sure we are putting healthy ingredients in our bodies as well. I started making my own cleaning supplies with my oils and natural safe ingredients that were not harmful to my family. I am passionate about the health of my life, and my families as well as others. That is why I started this blog, to share my info with everyone that I can.
That is also why I started using Beauty Counter products. It took a lot of time to try to make my own make up and other products and the consistency was wavering. I was introduced to Beauty Counter and I immediately became excited and passionate about it! We take so much time making sure we are eating healthy and working out, making sure that our cleaning products are all natural and then we slather on sunscreen with harmful chemicals, or a potent foundation on our face. We use harmful ingredients in our beauty products and washes on our family. We don’t think of all of the bad stuff that is getting soaked into our skin. It is a pretty scary thing. On a personal note, I started puberty at 11, had size C cups and by high school I was a double D! There were so many hormones and chemicals added to food and products I used back then and I did not know any better. Being 4’11 with 20lbs on my chest was not a comfortable situation and part of my back problems (for life) is because of that. Had I known about all of this stuff then, I would have maybe had a different outcome.
So today I make sure my kids and family are getting the best of the best. I love the Kids Bath Collection by Beauty Counter. Its a gentle line, but its also effective and has no hidden ingredients. It comes with a berry scented body wash, Nice Do shampoo, and Not a Knot conditioner that has an orange vanilla scent that is divine. The conditioner is great because my daughter has a lot of hair! It is thin, but she has so much and it is always getting tangled! This stuff works great! And I can rest assure that they are getting a good quality product without the billions of chemicals in there. Check out the site to see the other amazing products for you and your family. http://www.beautycounter.com/ericabyrne


Sometimes to slow down life all you really need to do is just…breathe. I know it sounds silly, and your probably thinking I am crazy but I promise you it works. Last year I was working three jobs, homeschooling, teaching a homeschool co-op group, going back to school myself with a full schedule, and this was on top of everything else on my “normal” schedule and included any mishaps that life decided to throw my way. I thought I was handling it well, and then the breathing problems came. It started every so often and it would only last a few minutes, I just felt like I couldn’t get a full breath. No matter how hard I tried, my lungs felt like they were at maximum expanding capacity, yet I needed more. So I started to force yawns to get a full breath in. Then it started happening more often, and then to the point where I literally couldn’t sleep! I saw a specialist and they were no help at all. Her advice was “try not to stress”and to put me on a steroid…no thanks. Are you flipping kidding me? Try not to stress? When I can’t breathe, I automatically stress! HELLLOOOOO!
Instead of getting on some kind of anxiety meds that would probably destroy my liver, or give me dementia, or whatever else different chemicals do to your body, I decided I would try every natural approach. I started with my essential oils. Young Living makes an amazing one called stress away, and it really helps calm you down. I just focus on the scent and I am good to go. Lavender is also a favorite and instantly puts me in a better mood, the smell puts me in a lavender field on a clear day with a beautiful sunset sky. Good bye stress! I then decided to try meditation and breathing along with my oils. I know what your thinking, who has time for that? Especially when you have a million things going on, crazy kids, pets, work…now another thing to add to the day! I promise it is simple, you can breath anywhere. Not going to lie, I sometimes do it sitting on the toilet. It only takes a minute. I have an alarm on my watch that goes off to remind me to take just 60 seconds to breathe.
Here are some different techniques I try to use everyday. The more you do it, the better that it is and it is not just helpful for stress and anxiety, but for your overall well being, and can help with blood pressure. First one is just breathing deep breaths for a count of 4 while your hand is on your chest and the other is on your belly. Inhale for a count of 4 making sure you inhale through your diaphragm not your chest. Then exhale for a count of 4. Once you get the hang of the that, try to inhale for a 6 count then 8 count and exhale the same. I try to do this before I get out of bed to start my day. I try to aim for 10 minutes. The next one is one I do throughout the day, anywhere, anytime…I don’t care. It helps if you can be seated, then you hold in your left nostril with your thumb and inhale through your right nostril, (try for about 4-6 seconds) then at the top of the breath close your right nostril with your ring finger and open your left nostril to exhale. Inhale through the left while the right is closed and repeat. If this is too difficult, you could also just keep inhaling on one side, and exhaling on one side, keeping it a pattern. I usually do this for a minute, longer if I have the time, but usually a minute, a few times throughout the day. The last one I do at bedtime while I am laying in bed, this is especially helpful if you cannot fall asleep. Simply breathe in for a count of 6-8 in your nose and then exhale right back out of your nose. It is very calming. All of this has helped with my anxiety and stress and made me a happier and healthy person all around. My main goal in life is to share what I have learned and what has helped me, to make others happy and healthy too.


Yesterday when I was getting ready for church, I pulled my clothes out and it was wrinkle city. Normally I don’t care ( this annoys the crap out of my husband, he hates wrinkled clothes, but having two kids and three dogs I have learned that at some point, I am bound to get spit up, poop, (when they were younger), throw up, dirt,  some kind of food, a drink, a sticky substance, drool from them or the dogs, muddy paw prints, or coffee from my own cup because one of them decided to jump on me the one moment I decide to take a sip!) on me, but since it was church, I needed to get the wrinkles out. I am not a fan of ironing and didn’t really have time, so what do I do? I simply take my garments, throw them into the dryer with……. ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes. Dry for a few minutes and viola! Good as new, and wrinkle free! A great hack for people who loathe ironing like me, or just don’t have the time! You can finish getting ready while the clothes are in the dryer, no time wasted. Your welcome 🙂