Pork Chops and Red Pepper Sauce

I made this the other day and it turned out to be so yummy. I always try to stick with lean proteins and not to have really any carbs at dinner unless they are coming from my veggies. If I do have a carb it is a complex one. For this recipe you will need some chops, garlic, and pepper to season, an oil to put on the pan ( I used avocado oil, also this recipe would be good for grilling the chops too),a jar of roasted red peppers (drained), also some garlic and pepper to season, balsamic vinegar, dried thyme, chicken broth, and some sliced almonds (this will all be to make your red pepper sauce for the chops). And then a side dish, I went with some sliced tomatoes, balsamic and basil.

First go ahead and heat up a pan with oil for your pork chops (unless you want to bake or grill them), put them on the pan and season with some garlic and pepper. While the chops are cooking, get your sauce ready by combining the red peppers (one jar), garlic powder and pepper to taste, about 1 1/2 tsp of the dried thyme and the balsamic vinegar, about 4oz of the chicken broth, and 2 tablespoon of the sliced almonds. Mix it all up in a processor and then put in a small pan on the stove to warm. Cut up your tomatoes when the chops are about done (I put mine on a pan for a few minutes to give them a sear), and plate them and add a drizzle of balsamic and some fresh basil on top. Serve your chops with your red pepper sauce and enjoy =)




Hello all! Oh how I have missed you! Things got so crazy with us moving from Georgia to Texas (being homeless in between selling and buying our houses) that I have not had a chance to enjoy blogging for y’all. But I am back, and ready to get back into what I love. I am still working on tweaking my site, but I was eager to get back up and running. For those of you reading my blog for the first time, welcome! I started doing this a year ago to share my journey. My journey with you is to help you in some way, and to let you know we are all human. Health to me is not just about exercising and what you put into your body, or even on your body. To me, health is also about whats inside you. Mental health is the most important health in my eyes. Achieving a good mental health is the first step in becoming healthy on the outside. So my blog not only contains food and exercise, but also healthy outlets that I use to stabilize my mental health and take some me time to do what I love, and try new adventures on the way that helps me spiritually.

So in light of moving, I decided I would share with you some cool ways to fix up some furniture.┬áThe first piece I did we picked up from a thrift store for cheap. It had a few scratches and dents (which I loved), but still was a beautiful piece of furniture to work with. My other two pieces, a coffee and end table, I picked up from Goodwill for $20 for both! Pure awesomeness right there. Beautiful solid wood too! I love the way older furniture looks, the way the scratches in wood or some peeled off paint tells a story. You can really see the age of the piece and know that it has has a good and useful life. So for the kitchen table I knew I wanted to paint it white, and I wanted to antique it a bit, to give it the look of a good used table. Now I will say this was my first big piece I have done, at our old house I antiqued my vanity doors to give it an old drift wood feel. So to start I sanded the shine off the table which is totally optional with the paint that I used (I used Valspar furniture spray paint, found at Lowes). After that I wiped it clean with a cloth and then used vaseline in the areas I didn’t want the paint to take to. Yes! Vaseline can be used in place of sanding. So if you wanted to try something like this and you don’t feel like dealing with the dusty mess of sanding, vaseline will become your new best friend. Just rub or brush the vaseline liberally where you don’t want the paint to show, paint over the whole piece and then when its dry, wipe off the areas where you applied the vaseline. The end result will look like you sanded the bare spots where the vaseline was. Then all you have to do is seal it. I used polyurethane to seal all my pieces because its durable and can be cleaned with your average household products.

For my next project I wanted to try something different. I went out and got some crackle paint so the table would have a multilayer look. The idea is you would pick two colors, paint the first color, and then the second color on top and it was supposed to crackle and you would see the bottom color through the cracks of the second paint color. Well…this did not work for me. I tried it three times and it was garbage. So, instead I used elmers glue to get the effect. For this project I did sand the tables down first, because in the end I wanted the natural wood and both colors to shine through. So I sanded then I painted the table white, once dry I brushed the elmers glue onto the table. Note that you have to work quickly and in small sections because you do not want the glue to dry before you put your next layer of paint over it. So you brush on the glue and then put your top color over the glue. Once it starts to dry, the top paint will crack, exposing the first color underneath. If you want more exposure of the first color (or the wood like I did) rub with an old rag or lightly sand in those areas. I will say, that it works best if your top coat of paint is latex, as it has a stretch to it. Again I sealed the table with polyurethane.

These projects took me a couple days (because of my crackle paint  not working and having to re-do multiple times), but it was very calming to my mind, and really allowed me to get my creative side running. Made me feel really good when I put the pieces in the house. Knowing that they are unique and no one else is going to have it, is a pretty cool feeling too. Plus the kids can get involved if wanted. For me this was a me time project to let my mind roam and reflect. Feel free to share any of your artistic tips and tricks and how it helps you have a healthy mind and spirit!


Erica XO

First blog post

I started this blog to help others with their body (exercises and nutrition), mind (sharing my creative outlets by sharing my hobbies, and beauty tips and tricks, anything oil related,things that mentally make you feel good on the inside and out), and soul (sharing life struggles and highs as well as the life of parenthood and really reflecting on what makes your soul feel full, comedic and at times empty). I hope you enjoy!
Erica XO