Week 4 Vegan Life

Ooooookayyy! Week 4 of my vegan lifestyle and I am feeling damn good! I even hit a PR today with my cleans and I did it for 6 reps! Obviously my muscles aren’t lacking! I went two days without any deodorant and I didn’t stink, my energy level is way up! I even did a full 3 days without coffee and felt fine, but I just love my coffee. That wasn’t by choice, but it was nice to know that I could survive without it! I am slowly trying to remove any animal products in my house. Most of you that have been following me since day 1 know that I use essential oils, though I don’t have a lot of time to make my own products all the time, I am out and looking for good ones that are vegan. I will continue to share them when I do find them. I have found that nut cheezes are my favorite! Daiya makes some good ones. The cheddar block is not my favorite from them, but the shredded mozzarella is really good. I found one that is absolutely amazing ( I finished it in two days) but forgot to take a picture of the it. Yea I know…but when I go buy it again, I will for sure share! Love you all!



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8 thoughts on “Week 4 Vegan Life

  1. Hey there!!
    Couple questions:
    How’s your skin? I know you said it was clearing up-I find the closer I creep to 40 the crazier my skin gets. :/
    Also-what was the nutrition plan you follow? I know the first week you mentioned a ‘zone type’ diet and how you HS to keep your protein ratio, and today you mentioned protein per LBM…just wondering…thanks for the video updates! I haven’t jumped on the vegan lifestyle yet, but I’ve dabbled 🙂


    1. Hello!!! Yes my skin is clearing up, my husbands also, especially in his back from sweating. Yes, the zone diet, it’s a book and basically tells you how to keep healthy fats, healthy carbs, and protein per lean body mass in your diet. There are a few recipes in there but not many. I like to sometimes use emeals, it’s an app you can use, it’s like $40 for the whole year and you can choose what style of eating you want to get weekly…so for example I started off off with getting recipes for clean eating. Every Wednesday it will email you and have on your app a weeks worth of recipes for that style of eating. Then I switched it to vegetarian and now vegan recipes. But it’s only for dinner, and you can choose for how many people you are making for. I don’t use it all the time, but it is a neat way to come up with new ideas! I hope this helps! Good job at dabbling in there! After a couple weeks you really do notice the differences! So glad to hear from you Tiffany!


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