Grove Collaborative

Tried out this site and I absolutely loooooove it and had to share it! So I decided to do my first ever unboxing and share all the great stuff I got! Bye bye trips to the store to get one thing (which usually leads to multiple things I didn’t need), and hello to having what I need shipped to my doorstep. Check this place out! It is awesome sauce!


2 thoughts on “Grove Collaborative

  1. So cool! I’m gonna Check it out!
    Last time I bought the 7th generation wipes ,the ones I got smelled so bad!!! They were citrus but smelled so gross. Loovvvee Meyers I just got the Lavender scented Hand soap and I wash my hands just bc it smells so good!!! 🙂


    1. Yes! Check it out! Lol I haven’t opened the wipes yet but the dryer sheets and the fabric softener is ahhhhh mazing! And I’m totally obsessed with Meyers! I am constantly smelling my hands lol


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