Walnut Tacos

Hey y’all!!! So I have been getting a lot of questions on how to make the walnut tacos, and have been meaning to post it! Sorry!!! So let me just say, this is probably the easiest meal you can make! Like super easy, and it tastes like you were in the kitchen forever. A few things first… you can make the consistency of these tacos chunky or fine. I make mine more fine because I like that they will stay in place and when they are in a dough like mixture, they are perfect not only for tacos, but for also making nut burgers. If you prefer to have a little more crunch, just pulse the nuts a couple times, then add your liquid and spices, and pulse a little more.

Here is how I made this version: About three cups of walnuts (seriously just eyeball this, you can always have leftovers), 1tbs (or so) of olive oil, squeeze of a fresh lemon (or you can just use lemon juice), garlic; braggs BCAA (or soy sauce); pepper to taste. Blend the walnuts first to almost the consistency you want, add all of your liquids and spices and continue to blend until mixed. The olive oil and lemon juice will make the walnuts almost paste like (which is why this could be perfect for burgers…yes the paste doesn’t look very pretty but I promise its so yummy), so its easy to spoon in your tortillas. I placed mine in the air fryer for literally 3 minutes and they were crispy and delicious (don’t have an air fryer? Just pop them in the oven, or microwave for like 30-60 seconds).

These are great because the possibilities are endless! I made another version with lime juice and peppers with salsa and they were my favorite. So, let your imagination run wild with these! Don’t be afraid to really test your taste limits! Don’t forget to share what you put in your tacos! These will be a family fave! Enjoy!







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