8 Month Mark of Being Vegan

Heyyyyyy! So July 13th we hit our 8 month mark of being vegan and its been amazing! The video is a little lengthy (so sorry, I promise next time to keep it short and sweet)! But just wanted to share all my finds with y’all and answer any questions I got. I have also included pictures of this months progress and I include a few from the first month of being vegan. I wanted to show how easy it is to get into the normalcy of buying for convenience rather than putting the time in and doing it the healthier way. So this week I promised instead of buying my nut milks and cheeses that I was going to start making my own again, always if not at least way more often than not!

It has been super easy to remain vegan (and no I have not had any slip ups, nor have I had any cravings). After a little while, and knowing what you like and what to look for in your products, you start to develop your rhythm and find your favorite brands so grocery shopping soon becomes a breeze. The only time I struggle is when the bread we get is sold out or not at a store we are at when out of town, but that has been the only time consuming thing. Breads are hard (trying to cut them out and only use sprouted grain breads, but the kids like their peanut butter and agave sandwiches) because so many now a days contain sooooooooo much shit in them! Sugars (in all forms) acids and bird feathers! So the bread that I love to get has only natural and organic products and nothing in it I cannot pronounce. Aside from that if you put the effort in, in the beginning things will start to get easier and it will be like grocery shopping you used to do. I also recommend doing store pick up or delivery if you have it. So many places offer it now that all you have to do is go online, fill your shopping cart with your list and then you can do curb side pick up in a matter of an hour or two. This helps standing in the store to eliminate animal derived products (you can just search if it is vegan right online) and also helps you to not buy stuff that isn’t on your list.

As for going out to eat, that has become much more simple as well. Vegan places and options are popping up more and more. So many places now offer vegan dishes for us to enjoy. My husband and I ate at the Melting Pot for our anniversary and it was a delicious! They have a vegan 4 course meal starting with melted vegan cheese and fruits and veggies for dipping, followed by a refreshing salad, a main course with a vegan sauce to cook your tofu and vegetables in and an arrangement of dipping sauces, and finished off with a yummy vegan chocolate with fruit and nuts. Mellow mushroom has vegan cheese, tofu, and temphe. Your Pie also has vegan cheese and an abundant amount of veggies to make your own pizza, as well as a dairy free sorbet. If you are going out of town or a theme park, check ahead of time that way you are well prepared. We always just bring our own food to the hotel or wherever we are staying to make it easier, and to save money rather than eating out every day.

I have also decided to try to eat more raw during the week. Yesterday my family and I ate completely raw the whole day. I talk about this in the video,  but eating raw 60-80 percent of the time can really boost your mood, energy, and health! So now that I have this vegan thing down, I am going for a challenge and I will let you know and include you, as always in the process!

Again thank you all for your continued love and support! Keep in touch and keep those comments and questions coming! I live to know more about you amazing people out there!







YouTube Dieties of Health

First two pictures are normal and not flexed.

Here are pictures from the first month of being vegan. Note the first month of being vegan when I was eating cleaner and not getting processed vegan food, I was more lean and muscular. Diet counts for about 80% of your physique!

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