Grove For Fall

Got yet another review from my Grove Collabaritive shipments. This one was super exciting because they had the fall scents which I love. I will post the video below, and also a picture of the other shipment I just received yesterday which includes 2 other fall soaps (apple cider which is amazing and mum which is also really good! My fall set that I ordered came with pumpkin soap which I loved and wanted to try the other scents). I also got my soy pumpkin candle that shipped separately and let me tell you, the candle isn’t very big but it’s aroma fills the whole room! I also got a flea and tick spray that is all natural to use on the pups whenever we are walking outside. You just spray it once a week or before you go on a hike or an area you are worried about. Grove now has a full pet line on there with all sorts of things for your pet needs! Also in the latest shipment I got a charcoal sponge for bathing, dog toothbrush and paste, and coconut scrubbing sponges (I already washed the dishes with one last night and I looooove them)!



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