Vegan Cuts Subscrption

Hey beauties! I recently subscribed to for their subscription boxes for the snack box and beauty box and love them! I figured I would share what I got this month. The boxes allow you to choose what type of plan you want, or if you don’t want to do a monthly or yearly subscription there are also boxes that you can buy outright one time. They also have a market place with lots of goodies for everyone!

Grove Collaborative

Hey y’all! Got a new shipment in and I wanted to share! Oh and I have been using the little brush and soap bowl that I showed in this video and I loooovveee it! All you need to do is add soap and a little water to the dish and press down whenever you want to use. The bamboo and sugar cane toilet paper is really awesome and is very durable. The vegan floss is working great also! Definitely will be buying it again. Below is a code for you to use to get a free 5 piece Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit with your first $20 or more purchase!! Don’t forget that the fall scents are coming out! Sign up for Grove now and I promise you will love it! The products are great, they price match, and the customer service is exceptional! Here is the code to get your free gift!



Eating More Raw

Hello beauties! So I know I told you on my last video that I was transitioning to more raw eating (still vegan of course), and would share with you how my week typically has been going. I am not eating 100%, more like 60-80%. I am feeling better and you definitely can feel a difference in mood and energy even with just the short time, and not a full transition. Eating raw vegan has been shown to diminish signs of depression, increase energy and stamina, create healthier glowing skin, cure illness and disease, and many other wonderful things, and honestly why wouldn’t it? We are eating power packed nutrients that the earth herself is providing. My face has not really broken out, and I have not worn foundation at all the last couple weeks because of it. My hubby and others keep complimenting on my skin, so these little things help me want to continue to stay raw.

So, what have I been eating for my raw meals? I start my mornings off with soaked steel cut oats. I love these because not only are they packed with protein and fiber and extremely versatile, but they are so easy and excellent for me to grab on the mornings when I coach and have to be out the door at 4 a.m (yes leaving my house at 4)! These, well actually my lunch meals too are all super easy and can be changed up in so many ways, even though the base is the same. For the oats all you have to do is get some steel cut oats, place them in a jar with your favorite raw nut milk, and then add your favorite fruits, seeds, nuts, and spices. Close the jar and store in the fridge until ready to eat (note that it takes about 5 hours for them to soften, I make a whole weeks worth at the end of each week that way I always have some ready). My staples to all my morning oats are of course the oats and nut milk, along with chia and hemp seeds, and usually cinnamon. I like to add apples and raw walnuts or almonds, bananas with raw cashew (a little bit of raw carob powder is good too), blueberries with my favorite raw nut butter (tastes like pb&j Sammy), and papaya with raw sunflower seeds and some agave. The creativity is endless.

For lunch or dinner I have been doing a green smoothie which I mix up between kale and spinach and some kind of fruit, along with chia and hemp seeds. If I don’t do the smoothie I have been doing kale salads, which I am currently obsessed with. These too, can be super versatile and delicious as well as very easy to make. I add kale, a fruit, a nut, and other raw veggies and alway season with cayenne pepper, and either lemon juice, a balsamic and/or EVOO or raw agave. A few of my fave varieties are the kale with red onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery, apples/pears, and almonds with a coconut balsamic and a habanero EVOO, or a mix of the kale, raw sunflower seeds and raw cashews, cinnamon, a little cayenne, and raw agave. These salads are superfoods packed with nutrients and lots of fiber as well keep you full. Note that kale must be chewed in its entirety for it to fully digest properly, otherwise it can sit heavy in your stomach. For this reason I chop it in the food processor after I chop it up by hand. Most of us are always in a rush and are never on a slow mode in life, my husband is like this and eats his food super fast and doesn’t thoroughly chew it. So make sure you chop the kale really good and chew completely =)

Snacks are easy, I just nosh on some fresh fruit or veggies with my favorite raw nut butter, or have some seeds and nuts. Try these out and make them your own! Let me know which is your favorite morning oat, green smoothie, or kale (or green) salad!



YouTube Deities of Health

Intermittent Fasting

Hello beauties! I hope that this morning is going well for you all! As some of you know, I have decided to take the journey of intermittent fasting. I am almost at my full week as of today, it is Saturday and I will hit day 7 on Monday. I made a little video for y’all which I will post below, on how I was feeling the other day thus far. Monday I will make another video about how the whole week has gone and also post my before and after pictures. Today is my first day that I will be going to Crossfit while still fasting. So though I have been working out through this, usually I do it in the afternoon or evening when I have already eaten. Yesterday I did do a WOD in my garage before I ate and I did really well, and even got the skill of butterfly pull-ups trying it for the first time ever, but I didn’t lift heavy weight. Yesterday I also got a personal record even after doing a previous workout, but we all know that I give my strength up to the plant based eating =)

Ok, so I am going to get headed out to Crossfit, I will let y’all know how I did and how the week went on Monday. I am also enclosing two very simple recipes below for those days when you need a good but extremely quick meal!

For the wraps all you need is a wrap, hummus (or your favorite dip/sauce like the cashew cheeze one I had posted for super bowl Sunday), and a variety of your favorite vegetables sliced up. That’s it! Super easy, nutritious and delicious! I used fire roasted hummus, carrots, zucchini, radish, and cucumber in mine. For the pasta dish all you need is pasta, I used Cybele’s free to eat superfood white gluten free rotini. This pasta comes in a variety of flavors and is so good. Mine was green lentil, cauliflower, and parsnip. You also need a can of fire roasted tomatoes drained, earth balance butter (or any vegan butter, you could even use oil if you prefer) garlic, some pepper and a dash of salt, dried parsley, oregano, and basil. Make the pasta according to the package (I literally boiled it the whole time for like 5 minutes and it was done), add the butter and seasonings, then the can of tomatoes and your all set!

I hope you all have a good rest of the weekend and I will see you on Monday!



Week 13 of Veganism

Hello beautiful people!!!! Well, it has been just over 3 months of me taking on this amazing lifestyle! I have been becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscious, and more aware of what is really going on behind closed doors in the meat and dairy industries. As I have been becoming more proactive all around the board, I am and will continue to share my experience and views on all of it.

Below is my updated video and pictures of how my body is doing. I decided to take the pictures today as well as the video, as I am on my cycle and I am at my heaviest and most bloated, just so you can see how I feel and look when I am at my worst. I have two days that I am miserable and usually don’t want to leave my bed let alone the house, and today is usually the worst of it. LOL so your welcome world! Apologies for the scary zombie-ish look, but you know I gotta keep it real! Even though I feel at my worst, this is much better than it ever has been! Thank you plant based life!!!!

Below I also posted a picture from the book VEGAN RECIPES&PREPARATION By: Sashia Fraser on what foods to avoid that are additives or animal products. Sometimes you just don’t know when the industries use trickery in their wording. Remember when in doubt leave it out! I just don’t buy it if I cannot read it. Sometimes when you are in a bind and need something quick and on the go, you of course need to get food with words you may not know. Try to look for vegan certified products, and the list below will help you in knowing what trickery you should avoid.

As always, keep up the feedback, comments and questions! I love getting to know you all and some of you have become long distance friends that perhaps I could meet in the future! You are all amazing and beautiful and uniquely you! Keep being a badass! Continue to follow my joinery here, on my you tube channel  and my insta and twitter at




Video is at the very bottom =)



Start of bioclarity

2 weeks using bioclarity



Week 10 of Being Vegan

Hey guys! Tomorrow I hit 10 weeks of taking on this amazing vegan lifestyle and I am feeling great! I cannot stress enough how amazing I feel! Especially after the holidays and having desserts and not hitting the gym everyday, which usually (prior to being vegan) makes me feel lethargic and I can tell that my body has shut down and gained weight, this time around even though we did have some plant based sweet treats, and took a little break from the gym, I still feel great!

Below the video I posted pictures of me while on my cycle and after two weeks of eating plant based sweets and not working out. I have only gained two pounds, and usually I gain 5-7 on my cycle so I am very happy, and feel that it is so much easier to get on track. I am still feeling loads better when on my cycle (sorry guys whom are reading) as before I could not get out of bed 2 of the 7 days. Now I can get out of bed those dreaded days and even be active, and I find that my cycles are less heavy and shorter.

My anxiety is still down, which is awesome! Joes blood pressure is completely normal, and my kids have even fully adapted to this lifestyle with us! That has to say something when your kids want to try it out, and when they do they notice that they feel so good that they want to continue with it too!

Please continue to send questions and comments!!!! I love getting to know y’all! And if you are wanting to try this out, I highly encourage you to do so! I will help you and be by your side the whole time! What do you have to lose? I promise if you stick with it, you will not only lose weight, but you will feel absolutely amazing! You can kick those meds to the curb, and become a healthier and happier version of you!




Santas Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soooo just in time for Santa tonight, I wanted to post these yummy and easy chocolate chip vegan cookies (yes Santa is vegan)! I got this recipe from daily Rebecca and love it! The kids enjoyed making them and eating the raw dough without any worries, and they were done in 10 minutes!

Pre-heat your oven to 350 and get to baking! You will need 1/2C of coconut oil and 1 cup of brown sugar that you will cream together. While that is mixing, get 1/4 of almond milk (I used cashew and almond silk) and 1 Tbs of vanilla and add that to the oil and brown sugar. Once mixed (yes it is very liquidy but this is okie dokie) slowly add in 2C of all purpose flour. Add 1tsp of baking powder, 1tsp of baking soda, and 1/2tsp of salt. Finally add your chips (yes the dough is crumby….still totally okay)! Roll and place on a pan and flatten lightly with your hand, pop in oven and bake for 10 minutes. Leave out with some nut milk for Santa to enjoy!

Merry Christmas



Vegan Week 5

Morning ya’ll! Just finished up my first full month of being vegan! Still feeling amazing! Yesterday was crazy so I am a day behind. The video below will explain how I feel so far on this journey and I will continue to keep you all updated! I think I will do once or twice a month, but will still share awesome recipes and stuff on here as well as my instagram page ( ). Thank you all for partaking on this amazing journey with me!



Sorry so scattered brained in this one guys lol it’s early and my kids were very distracting in the other room hahaha


Week 4 Vegan Life

Ooooookayyy! Week 4 of my vegan lifestyle and I am feeling damn good! I even hit a PR today with my cleans and I did it for 6 reps! Obviously my muscles aren’t lacking! I went two days without any deodorant and I didn’t stink, my energy level is way up! I even did a full 3 days without coffee and felt fine, but I just love my coffee. That wasn’t by choice, but it was nice to know that I could survive without it! I am slowly trying to remove any animal products in my house. Most of you that have been following me since day 1 know that I use essential oils, though I don’t have a lot of time to make my own products all the time, I am out and looking for good ones that are vegan. I will continue to share them when I do find them. I have found that nut cheezes are my favorite! Daiya makes some good ones. The cheddar block is not my favorite from them, but the shredded mozzarella is really good. I found one that is absolutely amazing ( I finished it in two days) but forgot to take a picture of the it. Yea I know…but when I go buy it again, I will for sure share! Love you all!



Vegan Life Week 2

So week 2 as 100% Vegan has started today! I am still feeling great and super energized. So far nothing negative on how I feel inside is happening. I have lost weight, I was 105 and now I am 99. I am only 4’11 so this is normal weight for me. I have not felt any alter in my strength, I am still lifting as heavy as I was, actually I have been increasing in my weight since mostly going vegetarian, and I feel like my stamina has greatly improved since going vegan. Again vegan is not consuming any animal products, so no meat, fish, or dairy.

For the ladies out there…this week was the perfect opportunity to see how going vegan would effect me on my cycle…the good news is it has actually helped! My cramps and back pain was reduced greatly! I usually can’t get out of my bed one or two days during the week on my cycle and I had no problem moving around. The bloating aspect of it, I still felt happened, but looking at the pictures I took this morning, and how my clothes fit this week, it was way less than normal. Usually on my cycle I do gain 3-5lbs, this time it was not as significant.

My skin seems to be clearing up gradually. Another great thing is inflammation. I had shoulder issues and this past week the pain was reduced and I could actually lift weight I couldn’t before without pain. So plus in that department. The only negative so far is that you can definitely can eat bad being vegan! LOL so watch out for that! Chips and and dairy free ice-cream!!! HAHAHA Please keep on following and adding any feedback, I am loving it! Please excuse the video…I may seem a little preoccupied and I was LOL can’t help but hear and see the kiddos singing and dancing in my peripheral lol!

Love y’all!