Banded Booty Circuit

Complete this as a circuit doing each movement for 10 reps ( a total of 20 when it is unilateral based). Then repeat 3 more times for a total of 4. Do this 3-5 times a week alone or with another workout for a burner. You could also switch it up and complete it as a pyramid. For example, do 1 banded squat jump, then 1 wall sit banded abduction, 1 banded leg kick back on each leg, 1 banded reverse lunge on each leg, 1 cossack squat per side (bring band up high), 1 banded kneeling abduction (fire hydrant) per side, 1 banded clam shell per side, 1 kneeling leg lift per side (again bring the band up high), and 1 seated banded abduction (really focusing on your breathing especially during this one, breath in and your belly expands fully as your legs are together, breath out and pull your core to your spine, belly caving into your back and tightening as your legs spread apart). Then repeat the whole circuit this time 2 reps of each move, then 3 reps, then 4, so on and so on. This could also be a good HIIT training focusing on each movement for 20-30 seconds doing as many reps as you can before resting for a short period of time (10-15 seconds) and then doing it over again for a few more rounds and then moving on to the next move. I do challenge you to do it at least once a week really focusing on the movement and your breathing. Holding the bottom portion for a total of 3 seconds before coming back to start and doing it again. Have fun and let those glutes burn!!!!



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