Vegan Cuts Subscrption

Hey beauties! I recently subscribed to for their subscription boxes for the snack box and beauty box and love them! I figured I would share what I got this month. The boxes allow you to choose what type of plan you want, or if you don’t want to do a monthly or yearly subscription there are also boxes that you can buy outright one time. They also have a market place with lots of goodies for everyone!

Grove For Fall

Got yet another review from my Grove Collabaritive shipments. This one was super exciting because they had the fall scents which I love. I will post the video below, and also a picture of the other shipment I just received yesterday which includes 2 other fall soaps (apple cider which is amazing and mum which is also really good! My fall set that I ordered came with pumpkin soap which I loved and wanted to try the other scents). I also got my soy pumpkin candle that shipped separately and let me tell you, the candle isn’t very big but it’s aroma fills the whole room! I also got a flea and tick spray that is all natural to use on the pups whenever we are walking outside. You just spray it once a week or before you go on a hike or an area you are worried about. Grove now has a full pet line on there with all sorts of things for your pet needs! Also in the latest shipment I got a charcoal sponge for bathing, dog toothbrush and paste, and coconut scrubbing sponges (I already washed the dishes with one last night and I looooove them)!



Grove Collaborative

Hey y’all! Got a new shipment in and I wanted to share! Oh and I have been using the little brush and soap bowl that I showed in this video and I loooovveee it! All you need to do is add soap and a little water to the dish and press down whenever you want to use. The bamboo and sugar cane toilet paper is really awesome and is very durable. The vegan floss is working great also! Definitely will be buying it again. Below is a code for you to use to get a free 5 piece Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit with your first $20 or more purchase!! Don’t forget that the fall scents are coming out! Sign up for Grove now and I promise you will love it! The products are great, they price match, and the customer service is exceptional! Here is the code to get your free gift!



Grove Collaborative

Tried out this site and I absolutely loooooove it and had to share it! So I decided to do my first ever unboxing and share all the great stuff I got! Bye bye trips to the store to get one thing (which usually leads to multiple things I didn’t need), and hello to having what I need shipped to my doorstep. Check this place out! It is awesome sauce!